Contra Costa County, Administration Building


Martinez, California

Project Team

Dreyfuss + Blackford Architect
Fentress Architect
Vanir Construction Management
Hensel Phelps Construction


Part of a $95 million project, comprising two projects on two distinct sites, the Administration Building is designed to work in tandem with an Emergency Operations Center and serve Martinez, California with state-of-the-art disaster management and public safety technology that is flexible enough to adapt to future needs as they arise.

The 71,000-square-foot community-friendly Administration Building, maximizes efficiency and serves as a focal point for downtown and the surrounding area. The first floor features office space for a variety of county departments as well as a large assembly chamber to serve local government and community meetings. The second, third, and fourth floors are outfitted with offices, conference rooms, work stations, and support space for county personnel.

Sam Clar provided all technical furniture planning, furniture administration and procurement, and installation management for the project. The project installation was completed during the Covid-19 Shelter in Place order, as an essential operation.