Architectural Products

The modern workplace demands flexibility. Sam Clar is proud to offer a variety of architectural products that can be customized to meet your current needs, and can be quickly re-configured to grow with you as needs change. Our floor-to-ceiling demountable  wall systems  help ensure your office is ready for whatever comes your way.

Why we love movable walls:

  • Less time with a construction crew.
    Movable walls ship pre-configured and are installed by furniture installation teams, so projects require fewer tradesmen and can be completed quicker than traditional drywall construction.
  • Defined lead-time.
    It’s easy to plan around movable wall installation, since the system comes with a standard lead-time—keeping your project on schedule.
  • Fewer limitations.
    The walls themselves are just the beginning. Choose from wood, metal, whiteboard material, and other unique finishes to customize your space.
  • Room to grow.
    We understand that your company’s needs can change quickly. Movable walls allow you to “future-proof” your space and accommodate new personnel with ease. Just give our furniture installation team a call when you’re ready to make a change.
  • Built-in noise reduction.
    Our movable wall systems provide a Sound Transmission Class (STC) level that’s equal to (or greater than) that of standard drywall—so you can mitigate distracting sounds in one simple step.