Acoustical Solutions

When it comes to sound mitigation, know your ABCs—Absorb, Block, Cover. Sam Clar can help you develop a solution to alleviate distracting noise, so your employees stay productive and focused.

Absorb it

The latest sound-absorbing solutions are as design-minded as they are functional, offering sleek, modern aesthetics and specialty sound-absorbing materials in one low-profile product.

Block it

The only way to truly eliminate noise is to block it—but it’s not always practical to reserve a hardwall office for every conference call or meeting. That’s why we’ve expanded our product portfolio to include a wide offering of phone booths and small meeting pods. These pieces offer medium- and high-level sound blockage without the hassle and cost of building a room—and with much more flexibility.

Cover it

The most distracting noise in today’s office? The human voice. From your coworker’s call to the babysitter to the private deliberations of the board, overheard conversations can be highly disruptive—and even create potential liability for your business. Sam Clar offers a solution that electronically “masks” those conversations, creating speech privacy and bringing focus and confidentiality back to the workplace.