Furniture Rental & Leasing

Whether you need office furnishings for a few months or for years to come, Sam Clar has tailored rental and lease options to fit your business (and budget).    

Flexibility for all.

Small business on a startup budget? Outfitting a large staff with a tight turnaround? We have a solution for you. Furniture available in as few as ten days, and can be used from one month to multiple years—or longer, if you choose.


Rent it and forget it.

For spaces that need furnishings fast, but intended use is only 3-6 months, renting lets you create your workspace quickly and affordably. Monthly payments allow you to plan your budget, and when you’re ready to upgrade to something permanent, we’ll be on call to remove and replace with your new furniture.

Lease with ease*.

Your offices reflect your company and your brand, and play a large role in attracting and retaining your employees and clients. If you are ready to begin your new office project, but want to avoid a large cash outlay, leasing the furniture could be the right solution for you. Just as if you were buying the furniture outright,  our team will work closely with you to design the right look and furniture plan that fits your brand and your business. Leasing options allow you define your payments, and the length of the lease, and can provide additional tax benefits**.

For an estimate on how leasing can work for you, please complete the simple form on this page.

*Furniture leasing is strictly subject to prior credit review and approval. This page is informational only and is not a formal or informal offer to lease.

**Please speak with your CPA or tax accountant to review whether leasing is right for your organization.